Silver Stainless Steel Divided Meal tray-Car shape.

SKU: THA-1216
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  • Made with stainless steel.    
  • 4 Compartment Meal Tray. 
  • Grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Heavy Duty. 
  • BPA Free. 
  • Made from non toxic material. 
  • This product is small, light ,easy to carry, so you can take it with you wherever you go. 
  • Replace your lunchbox in cafeteria ,use the compartments for portion control , More healthy. 
  • Great for students, camping trips, hiking, picnics, lunches and many more. 
  • Stackable design to save room in your cabinets. You don't need to spend much space for it. 
  • 100% Safe.

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THEONI Divided Meal  Plate Tray-4Compartments Dinner Dish for Baby- Toddler- Kids Feeding set - Car Shape- BPA-Free Safe Fun Non-Toxic Heavy Duty .Meal planning will be even more fun and satisfying when you get to plate the food in this adorable 4 Compartment Meal Plate for your baby. It's smartly made keeping in mind the eating habits of kids who are learning to experiment with food for the very first time and also for regular eaters. It's made with kid's safe premium quality material that's heavy duty and free of any toxic elements for your baby to have fun while eating. No more boring meal times!
Product Includes

1)Hello world , 2)one months old ,3) two months old, 4)three months old, 5)four months old,6) five months old, 7)six months old, 8)seven months old, 9)eight months old, 10) nine months old ,11) ten months old , 12) eleven months old , 13)one year old