Theoni wooden rainbow stacker

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Largest Arch is 13cms in height, 25cms wide and 3.5cms deep. Painted with water based food grade paint finished with non-toxic safe sealer to add a glossy finish!


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Largest Arch is 13cms in height, 25cms wide and 3.5cms deep. Painted with water based food grade paint finished with non-toxic safe sealer to add a glossy finish!

Our wooden pastel Rainbow Stacker is surprisingly versatile,extendable and open ended play toy that offers hours of fun and play for your children.Children become easily absorbed in stacking,sorting and building structure with these rainbow pieces and these become doll houses and bridges too.The possibilities are endless.Crafted from birchwood these 7 piece rainbow stackers are naturally stained with non toxic water based colours.You can make a confident investment in this wooden toy which both look stunning and provides hours upon hours of entertainment and joy.Made of natural Birchwood.Painted with water based food grade paint. Finished with non-toxic safe sealer to add a glossy finish.Available in pastel colours

Why Organic Matters

Natural: Organic cotton is made from completely natural seeds and helps to avoid coming in contact with any chemicals and toxic pesticides. It also reduces the exposure to hazardous insecticides and pesticides, especially for the delicate baby skin.

Skin-friendly: Organic Cotton is softer, gentle, hypoallergenic and lasts for a long time, helping all Theoni moms to save money and give their babies the very best! Durable and resilient: No strong chemicals are used which weaken the fibre and thus Organic cotton is a strong and resilient material making it last longer, be more durable, and look great too.

No heavy metals: Investing in Theoni's organic cotton products you get low-impact, water-based inks and/or pigments with no heavy metals in comparison to heavy metal-containing Pigments in regular cotton.

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